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This Session Will:

  • Give you a mini experience of Money Healing
  • Provide clarity & insight
  • Clear your energy to allow for more inflow of abundance
  • Give you an opportunity to ask questions 
  • Provide a 1:1 experience with Megan

What People Think:

"OMG idk exactly what happened but I feel so good! I feel like the belief of "I will never succeed" is completely gone. It's now a dialogue of "of course I will succeed. It's inevitable!" So many repressed emotions over the years and I finally feel like some of them are being let of and healed. This healing modality is truly incredible and I am so thankful to have experienced it!"

- Samara H.

"I'm doing great. Yesterday was amazing. So much lofted and it was so intense. I took a nap after and then when I woke, I had all of these new business ideas. And I feel totally back in flow!"

- Tara T.

"I came to Megan to help me with healing my blocks when it comes to receiving money in my business. She made me feel very comfortable before starting her reading. I opted for an energetic scan to see where my energy is blocked and so much came up during our time together! Her intuitive skills are strong and everything she said to me resonated with me a lot! From our time together, she shared where I'm blocked and what I personally need to do to be more open and free in a way that fits me. She was able to gather all that by just energetically scanning me! Megan is an incredible medium and she was made to do this and help people! She's a great balance between a healer and a coach. I highly recommend anyone who needs some form of energetic healing to book a session with her!"

- Michelle P.