Magnetic Abundance:

The 3 Month Mastermind for Igniting Your Prosperity and Becoming a Magnet for Massive Abundance

You're saying affirmations every day. You're seeing all these people on social media manifest money, yet, you seem to struggle no matter what you try. You've even taken a program, read about, or opted in to something promising to teach you how to manifest money.

But it's still not happening.  

I have some news for you sister...It's not your fault! The problem haven't received all the pieces to the puzzle. There are multiple different pieces that must come together for conscious manifestation and I'm about to unlock it all for you. As an awakening soul, you're in the perfect spot to finally bust through limitation to emerge as a master at co-creating prosperity (and use it to live your most abundant life).  

This mastermind is designed to help you co-create prosperity even if you feel more like a repellant than a magnet for it at the moment. Read on to get a sneak peek into what this epic journey will teach you.


Spots are LIMITED in this mastermind to create an intimate experience and to assure that everyone receives individualized guidance and attention from me as we move through this incredibly powerful journey.

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Meet Your Guide

Hi! I'm Megan...manifestation maven, wealthy woman, coach, and host for this incredible program!  

After getting sick and tired of the constant struggle, I decided to embark on a journey to figure this "manifesting thing" out.  

That was 5 years ago...and after a lot of twists and turns, mistakes and wins. I'm here today...  

I've manifested multiple 6 figures worth of money....and that doesn't even count the travel, free coffees and more.  

Needless to say, I've got this "manifestation thing" figured out and now I'm teaching women, just like you, my secrets  

I believe that I did all that trial and error for a reason...and now it is my passion to make sure good-hearted women, like you, can ascend into their next level of abundance too. 

The Journey

This is a proven approach and methodology based on the 5 pillars for intentional manifestation. Designed to unlock your most abundant life, my unique formula works to radically transform your ability to manifest and receive the abundance you desire.


Creating a Magnetic Vision

Having a vision that will attract rather than block prosperity is essential. In this module, you will learn how to create a vision that is a magnet for prosperity and we will clear any fears & limiting stories around your vision to begin your transformation into a prosperity magnet.


Mastering the Energy of Abundance 

In this module, you learn incredibly powerful energetic tools that will raise your vibration. Using my unique, block busting, healing will heal any blocks you have to prosperity. By learning this revolutionary methodology, you will have everything you need to ensure that you NEVER have another money block.


Magnetic Mindset: Instilling & Growing Your Most Prosperous Mind  

This is so much more than just your typical affirmations. I will take you on a deep dive into the secret techniques I've used to manifest over 6 figures and more. It's time to shift your mindset FOR GOOD to attract the abundance you desire. 


Taking Action With Confidence

Confused about what "inspired action" even means? I'm breaking down exactly what you need to know and teaching you my foolproof way of decifering when it's time to take action towards your dream. Using tools like muscle testing, your body, and more I will show you how to take the confusion out of "inspired action"!


Becoming An Abundant Receiver  

Receiving is essential to your status as a Magnetic Manifesting Maven. In this module, I will show you how to receive WITHOUT the guilt and welcome in the wave of prosperity that wants to flow to you! Receiving can be fun AND a let's get you receiving more and more!


Putting It All Together  

It's time to put it all together! In this module, I will show you the everyday application to this formula and give you all the final pieces necessary to solidify your new place as a magnet for prosperity. This final module will help you keep the momentum going long after this program is finished! 

Extra Info:

  •  12 Week Program
  •  Each Module Contains 1 Week of Teaching & 1 Week of Healing
  •  There are 6 Live Group Calls With Me...That means you will get individual guidance & can ask me all of your questions!
  •  3 Private 1:1 Healing experiences with Me!
  •  Private Facebook Group
  •  Spots are LIMITED....This is to ensure that the space remains intimate and that you get the one-on-one attention from me you need
  •  You will have access to all recordings and content even after the course is finished

Is Your Soul Tingling With Total Readiness to Unlock Your Magnetic Abundance?

Click below to apply. I'd love to connect with you to see if this program is the next right step for you on your journey.

The Transformation

This 12 week journey is incredibly powerful. Each facet of this program is designed to elevate you to higher levels of abundance and teach you how to stay there. The sacred container created during this time is like nothing you have experienced before. Not only will you meet fellow sisters and friends, but you will also experience deep breakthroughs and healing that will transform you.  

I want you to take a second...just pause for a minute...  

Put your hand on your heart and take a deep breath in....and out...  

Now, imagine this...  

It's 6 months from now...  

You wake up with a smile on your face...and you begin your day with excitement and joy. When you check your phone you see you have a couple messages from new friends formed during the program...and you smile and laugh at the inside joke they sent you.  

As you get ready for the day, you stare into your eyes in the mirror and smile...there is ease there...and confidence. Ease because your momentum is high and abundance is flooding in...and confidence because you have 100% trust in your capability as a master manifestor.  

You eminate abundance and others can feel it too  

And the best part of all is...even though you know that every day isn't are in the driver's seat of your life and struggle never has to be an option again.

Wondering If This Is For You? 

This Is NOT For You If...

You are unwilling to commit to daily work on this

You desperately "need" money

You want a quick fix or a quick manifestation

You are unwilling to be open minded and try new things

You do not believe in The Law of Attraction 

You are unwilling to face fear and heal past wounds

You do not want to connect with other women or be vulnerable in a safe space online

You will give up if you do not see results immediately

This Is FOR You If... 

You are ready to commit daily time to this program 

You are ready to receive greater amounts of abundance

You will face fear and welcome change

You are ready to give things a try & be open to transformation

You are willing to set aside doubt 

You are ready to heal on a deep level

You crave sisterhood and are willing to be vulnerable and real with the ladies in this program (don't worry the space online is safe!).

You are ready to truly give this your all and allow the time for miracles to occur


With the exception of the Live Coaching Calls & 1:1 healing, all of the content is pre-recorded

Modules contain a mixture of videos and workbooks

Live Calls will be held every other week via Zoom

Megan is in the Facebook group every day to answer questions, comment, and offer guidance

Expect to dedicate time daily for this program (~15-30 minutes minimum)

Group participation is be ready to post and participate in the Facebook group

The Facebook Group is secret so you do not have to worry about friends or family seeing what you share

This is an investment...both in time and you must be prepared to invest in yourself..however, remember, investing in yourself is the most lucrative and best investment you can make.

Payment plans are available...I do my best to make this program accessible to the women who are truly ready to change

No Refunds are available after content is delivered...although my hunch is that you will love how you feel after this program

No results are guaranteed....I can only teach and, therefore, cannot control what results you get....but I can say, what I teach is exactly what I have done to successfully manifest multiple 6 figures